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About Us


Sixdeep started life as a product aggregator listing products and services from a number highly recognisable high street brands such as BHS, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose etc.  

Our website categorises products into an order that helps enhance the online shopping experience for our customers.  Our goal was to be the online equivalent of an indoor shopping centre allowing customers to search for products according to product type, brand name (BHS, Marks & Spencer etc), price and even by which products are currently on sale across all of the brands we partner with.


Your Own Web store FREE of Charge

We soon realised that there was opportunity in allowing our customers to create their very own online store or mini shopping centre where they can add the products they like from the brands they love.  The store owner (you) will then earn commission for every product sold through your store.

You can also earn commission from any sales made at the stores owned by the people you introduce to Sixdeep as they become your referral.  In fact, you'll earn commission from every other store owner Six levels deep.


Promoting Your Store

Promoting your store or mini shopping centre couldn't be easier.  Once you have registered an account you'll be given a unique website address that will look something like Then all you need to do is share your unique website address when posting to Facebook, Twitter etc.

We have an image library and video library of content that can be shared to your social media accounts for additional exposure.  As you share images, we will automatically watermark the image with your website address so people know where to come back to and shop.  If the image is shared beyond your initial share then your web store will receive even more exposure.  This is when the true value of your network is realised. 


Your Network is YOUR Opportunity !

One of the biggest hurdles with this type of business is the ability to connect with like minded people. The advent of social media and in particular social networks has made it easier for you to succeed with your own web store. The reason for this is simple.  You already have a network of people that you can promote your store of products to. Your web store gives you an opportunity to get paid for your social media activity.


Inviting Other People

At the top of your web store you will see a button called "Create Your Own Store" which if pressed will take you to a registration page.  Anybody that presses this button and proceeds to sign up will be counted as being invited by you.  You will therefore earn commission from any sales made at this new store as well as your own.  In fact, you'll earn commission from every store that joins after you down 6 levels.


Aggregator - Shop at Sixdeep 

If you don't want to create your own store you can still shop at our store by clicking here.


Aggregator - Sales Items at Sixdeep

Our sales items category lists products on sale across a number of recognisable high street brands.  You can filter the results based on category selection if you prefer.  You can click here to be taken to the sales items page of our store.