You’ll need to sign up as an influencer before you can access the auto follow/unfollow tool.  You can do this by clicking here.

Yes. You’ll want to enter your own bio link into the bio link field so that you can be credited for anybody else that joins the Sixdeep Influencer Network.

You can access the Google Chrome plugin by clicking here.

You can see this by going to the products viewed link.

There can sometimes be a delay if you haven’t notified us of your Stripe account details. We would ask that if you haven’t already done so, add your Stripe account details via your dashboard. If you have provided us with your Stripe account details, and the status of your payment has not changed from Processed to Completed after 14 days, please raise a support ticket by clicking here and we will take a look for you.

This means that we have initiated a payment to your Stripe account for your share of the commission. If the amount mentioned is not in your Stripe account then please raise a support ticket by clicking here.

This means that the advertiser has settled their account with us and we are now in a position to release your share of the commission direct to your Stripe account.

The add incentive button allows you to re-market to a user that has already viewed that particular product. Its a great way of encouraging a user back to your site with a discount. Each time you add an incentive, we will send that user an email making them aware of the incentive amount. We can also offer you more exposure by sending the same incentive email to the users network of friends/followers. Simply select the appropriate option on the Add Incentive popup and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

It is important to understand that being billed for a click isn’t necessarily the same as being charged for a click. You will be billed for each click to your website when a Sixdeep registered user leaves our website and is directed to your website however, since our objective is to create sales for your website, we will discount any sales commission (CPA Fees) against any click charges for the same monthly billing period. It is hoped that we can generate enough sales for you that you are never charged for clicks through to your website.

We’re glad you asked. Unlike other pay for click services, we insist that all users sign up to the Sixdeep website before referring them to your website.

It is unusual for a discount code not to work as these are setup to run alongside a product incentive. Please send us message via our contact us page and we’ll investigate this further for you.

Products with higher CPA’s (Cost Per Acquisition Fees) and discounted products will be displayed more prominently on the Sixdeep website. It is also more likely that these products will be shared by our influencers across their social media channels because they attract a higher level of commission for the influencers.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click which is a widely used term in the paid search industry. This is the fee that you agree to pay Sixdeep for every trackable click through to your website however, for every CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Fee earned, Sixdeep will discount the equivalent amount from any CPC charges accrued for the same monthly billing period. Our objective is to provide you with targeted traffic that converts into sales however, where your products or services are less saleable than others, a CPC Fee becomes necessary in order to cover our reasonable costs in generating traffic to your site.

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition and is a widely used term in the paid search industry.  The cost per acquisition fee can also often be referred to as a final value fee.  This fee is what you agree to pay Sixdeep in the event of a sale being made on your website following a referral from the Sixdeep influencer network.