The Bio Link

The Bio Link can be placed on the main page of your social media account which when clicked, will take your users to a responsive web page where all your social media accounts are showcased.



The Bio Link is the door to your social media world.  A world where all of your Instagram followers can access your TikTok account and all of your TikTok followers can access your Instagram account.

The Bio Page

Your Bio Page will allow you to showcase all of your social media accounts along with other links in one place.



A Bio Link with Sixdeep will also allow you to promote products as advertised on our website which will pay you a commission when your followers purchase anything.

Sharing is Earning

If you add any of the product categories to your Bio Link, you’ll get paid a commission every time one of your followers buys something.

Instagram Follower Tool

If you want to promote your Bio Link and your Social Media accounts to other Instagram users then you can do so by using our Instagram Auto Follow Tool.  You can view a video presentation of how this tool works below.